The stone floor is present in kitchens and bathrooms because of its properties of  easy maintenance. Today, it also settles in bedrooms !
For a long time, the kitchen is a place of life mattering in a house, consequently, we find there mainly the stone floor on the ground and on the wall the sideboard.
The technical progrets allowed the manufacturers to propose more and more sizes, a range was incresead in terms of colors and drawings.
It is the room which we renovate most, which we readjust partially according to needs and necessities of the occupants according to time and of the age of the people.
The requirements for the floor covering of a lounge are raised. It needs to face yo a very important number of passages, in falls of objects and in some spots.
The outer earth coverings undergo extreme conditions. Considering the frost, the snow, the sun, the rain, you needa reliable solution which resists at best in time.