Since ever…

For a long time, the kitchen is a place of life mattering in a house, consequently, we find there mainly the stone floor on the ground and on the walld of the sideboard. Thanks to its properties of exceptionel durability and ease of maintenance on a daily basis, it improves in beautiful way the life of all the occupants of the house.

What to choose ?

The choice filled out a lot and the manufacturers are capable of proposing kinds of very different stone floors : formers (old), modern, vintage, big and small sizes, tiles put in wide joints or tiles rectified, put in very fine joints like that is made more and more for obvious reasons of ease of cleaning.

  • Formers (old), modern, vintage
  • Big and small sizes
  • Tiles put in wide joints
  • Tiles rectified, put in very fine joints

We work with the best brands to offer the best products and our customers appreciate it !


The ceramic stone floor glazed (stoneware cérame) is a material with very low porosity, what makes it very waterproof.

Conclusion, no penetration of spots on the ground (fat, sauces, wine etc…).
The cleaning is simple and for the dayly surfaces maintenance, it will be enough to make it by using some hot water in which we shall have added a little spirit vinegar, nothing more.