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Why in the bedrooms ?!

The stone floor is present in kitchens and bathrooms because of its properties of exceptional durability and easy maintenance. Today, it also settles in bedrooms and more and more because it lends itself to it particularly well. If you have a heating fllor, the ceramic is going to raise slowly heat by feet, with a comfort close to that of the parquet, so we obtain a hot and soft cover.

 What rendering ?

For years, the manufacturers propose new tiles in the strangely warm styles. It is possible to imitate the aspect of the oak, the walnut, the pine, the cherry tree and the other essence still…Besides the visual aspect, there is a touch Even there, thanks to the new manufacturing technologies, covers look like to be mistaken in the real wood !

We work with the best brands to offer the best products and our customers appreciate it !

And for children ?

For a child’s room, it is about the ideal solution. It is going to resist more than any other cover the multiple small accidents : falls of objects, scratches on the ground owed to the games of cars, tanks and others toys…Once more, the stone floor is the simplest to clean, spots or other features of felt-tips come out quickly ad easily. If in more there is a heating floor, it is more comfort.