Tiled par excellence !

The bathroom is the archetipal tiled room in the house. It is also the room which we renovate most, which we readjust partially or completely according to needs and necessities of the occupants according to time and of the age of the people. For instace : transformation of the location of the bathtub in italian-style shower, abolitions of the bidet.

Discover Innovations

Thanks to the innovations of the manufacturers, harmonize your grounds with walls to create a warm space which correcpnds to you. To do it we have a very vast choice in term of :

  • Sizes : from the mosaique to the big tiles)
  • Colors : lively, soft, brilliant or satiny
  • Textures : smooth, rough, softened, polished, dented
  • Kind : modern, classic, rustic…

We work with the best brands to offer the best products and our customers appreciate it!

Advantages ?

Of course and before any one maintains simple and easy, but also a durability guaranteed in the time with a material which by nature keeps all its colors with the age because it does not tarnish under the influence of ultraviolet rays and thus does not suffer ageing of its surface.