Extreme conditions !

The outer earth coverings undergo extreme conditions. Considering the frost, the snow, the sun, the rain, you needa reliable solution which resists at best in time. The stone floor of outside is the ideal solution.
Today there are two types of installation in the choice :

The installation in the glue on concrete slab or on screed in the mortar (sealed, traditional method)
The installation on fine gravel or on adjustable blocks, method non sealed, more and more used today

What about style ?

The manufacturers competed in imagination to propose you a vast choice of products allying the design and the resistance for your terrace. You can choose stone floors which imitate perfectly the natural smooth stone, bouchardée or flamed, but also the slate, the granite, the wood, the concrete in various ways and under variouos aspects.

  • Natural smooth stone, bouchardée or flamed
  • The slate
  • The granit
  • The wood
  • The concrete in various ways

We work with the best brands to offer the best products and our customers appreciate it!

Advantages ?

The most obvious are the esthetics. You can also extend the atmosphere of your lounge towards your terrace. Frost, the bad weather, will have no influence on your fllor covering. Colors will not cross in time unlike products with concrete (reconstitued stone), all the wooden floors, the other products with resins…
Finally, for the edges of swimming pools,Falco carrelage proposes a wide range of edges matched with the tiles of terraces and the manufacturinf of custom-made special pieces, steps, etc. to satisfy the most particular requests and there where the standard products cannot be used.