Why the natural stone ?

The authentic beauty of the natural stone wins in magnificence at the son of the years. For the outside where the inside, to choose the natural stone, by the way of cover, it is to opt for a noble material.

There are 4 types of natural stone :

The granite (paving stones, pavements, incertum opus)
The stoneware (paving stones, pavements, incertum opus)
The quartzite for the outsides (paving stones, incertum opus)
The limestone, the marble for the inside (paving stones, pavements)

Several finishes are possible :

Most of the case we find for the outsides bouchardée, flamed, natural
And for inside softened, polished, skated louse.

Visit us to see and touch these finishes.

We work the stone for numerous years and we realize specific demands, custom-made, carefully and forts of our experience on the subject.